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Adoption Events

Cat Adoption Centers

Adopt Any Time

Adoption events are scheduled through-out the year. 
Dogs, cats and other animals in our programs are available for adoption at these events.
Not all the animals in our program are at each adoption event.  Whether or not an animal is at an event depends on if the animal is ready for adoption and if the volunteer can participate with that particular event.  Sometimes, whether an animal is at an event depends on whether environment is suitable for that species.
Events are scheduled as often as we are able.

Many more events will be added to the schedule below as we move through the year.

Our cats spend two week stints at the cat adoption centers located in the PetSmart stores in Elkhart and Mishawka. 
During this time you are invited to stop by anytime the store is open and visit with the cats and kittens.
 Volunteers try to be on hand most evenings and both Saturday and Sunday afternoons
Applications to adopt are located at each location.
See one you like?  Fill out an application and let us know!
We will follow up as quickly as we are able.

You do not need to wait until an actual adoption event to put in an application to adopt.  One benefit of being an all volunteer foster home network is our flexibility.
Most of our volunteers are willing to meet with potential adopters once an approved application has been received.
If it is close to an adoption event, you may be asked to wait until the event.

See an animal on our website you wish to adopt?
Click here to download an application
 Contact us at petsconnect@petsconnect.org
or call us at 574-282-1225
 A volunteer will contact you!


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Click here to go to the applications page to download an application to adopt an animal!